1. "I am still unclear with what the Foundation is and what the money will be used for."
    • The IRS allows for the formation of a non-profit organization called a 501(c)(3).  Many school districts, hospitals, and corporate businesses have 501(c)(3) foundations.  They allow for a legal tax-free and organized method of collecting privately donated money. Each foundation must have a Board of Directors with established by-laws.  Each foundation's mission is unique to the foundation.  In our case, the LPSEF has a mission of raising money to help the Lincoln Park Public Schools.  Unlike a fundraiser, where a specific item is targeted, a foundation exists to raise revenue for a broader and diverse enhancement.  In the near future and/or once the Foundation fund has reached a useful amount, the Board of Directors will begin to solicit a wish list from the staff.  The mission of the LPSEF Board of Directors is to help the Lincoln Park Public Schools.  This means that the staff members and students will be a driving force in providing vision and ideas of what the most effective enhancements would be.  Some of the examples given could be classroom grants, scholarships, building or facility enhancements, supplemental curriculum resources, etc.  This list is only a sample; not comprehensive.  The LPSEF can serve as a "gift" giver to the Lincoln Park Public Schools.  It is meant to be 100% positive.
  2. "Is the LP Board of Education the same as the Board of Directors?"
    • No.  The two are completely separate.  The LPSEF Board of Directors are:
      • Terry Dangerfield - President
      • Sue Amorose - Chairwoman
      • Angela Black - Treasurer
      • Tom Karnes - Secretary
      • Mike Hall - Director
      • Charles Kaminski - Director
      • Terry McKinney - Director
      • Sherry Roulo- Director
      • Jerry Sheppard - Director
  3. "If I don't donate, will that hurt my chances of being selected for a grant in the future?"
    • Not at all! The LPSEF Board of Directors are unaware of the names of the donors.  They are only informed of the total amount of people that have donated and the total dollar amount.  ALL future grant applications will be accepted and selected using a fair and transparent process.
  4. "Is it too late for me to donate?"
    • It is NEVER too late to donate.  The LPSEF is a permanent organization that will accept donations now and continue into the future.  The more donations the Foundation is able to receive, the more effective the enhancements.